Analysis Center

With high performance of modern chemical and material analysis instruments through the specialist team, we provide high accurate analysis data to meet all technical requirements.

As the leading in surface and heat treatment business,

Nihon Parkerinzing India Pvt. Ltd. has established Analysis Center and testing laboratories providing all technical supports to our customers and Joint Venture companies in South East Asia including India and Pakistan. Consecutively developing capabilities of our laboratory, we expand scope of analysis and testing laboratories in chemical, metallurgical and environmental fields to completely satisfy all customer needs.




Chemical Laboratory


Chemical Laboratory provides comprehensive chemical analysis including qualitative and quantitative analysis, trace analysis, chemical composition, unknown contamination, manufacturing issues and more. We meet all customer requirements with rapid and reliable data through modern analysis instruments as follows. Learn More


Surface & Metallurgical Laboratory


With state-of-the-art instrumentation through expert Metallurgist, Surface & Metallurgical Laboratory provides convincing metallurgical data from specific techniques including Microstructure analysis, Chemical composition analysis in metal and alloys, Surface and Failure analysis, Mapping and Depth Profile analysis and testing of physical and mechanical properties to support all customers’ troubleshooting by diversity of high performance analysis instruments as follows. Learn More


Standard Phosphating Panels


With professional skill in Phosphating process following specification in automotive and others industrial standard, Analysis Center offers the preparation of standard Phosphating panels comparing between customer materials and others reference materials in order to provide supporting data in the topics concerned with materials, chemical and paint evaluation. Learn More



Corrosion Test & Paint Evaluation


Analysis Center fulfills customers’ demands to evaluate the performance of metal or coating layer against corrosion, using simulated environments or corrosive environments as follows Learn More