Surface Treatment

Manganese Phosphate®
What is Manganese Phosphate ?

Manganese is an environmentally friendly surface treatment system aiming at energy saving and cost saving by reducing the energy loss of sliding parts. A manganese phosphate-based insoluble film of relatively thin thickness of 1 to 15 μm is formed on the steel surface by immersion method. It is used for multipurpose such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

SEM Picture of Mn Phosphate Crystals

What are the benefits of “Manganese Phosphate”?
1. To have good performance to keep lubricant oil

2. To prevent metal parts from directly contact and contribute parts’ longer life

3. To reduce noise from sliding parts

4. To increase corrosion resistance



1. Photo 1
(Car, Truck, Bus) ●Transmission Gears ●Counter Shaft ●Clutch Hub゙ ●Shifter Sleeve ●Shift Rod ●Differential Spider Shaft ●Differential Pinion Gear ●Differential Side Gear ●Bushes, Collars ●Washers
2. Photo 2
(2 Wheelers) ●Transmission Gears ●Bushes, Collars ●Washers ●Cam Shaft ●Valve Lifter
3. Photo 3
(Construction Machinery) ●Cylinder Bush ●Piston ●Plunger ●Valve ●Plate ●Pinion Shaft ●Pinion Gear