Treatment Service

  With long experience in heat and surface treatment business, Nihon Parkerinzing India Pvt. Ltd. provides professional heat and surface treatment service to fulfill all requirement of our client with diversity of heat and surface treatment as follow  



Surface Treatment

Powder Coating


1.(a) High performance paint film -The thick film of powder painting has good strength, good resistance for chemicals, corrosion and weather by the function of the polymer resin. Powder painting can achieve a film thickness of 40 to 150 microns with one painting. Moreover if you adopt the preheating method, it is possible to paint high thick film. Wide range of parts for steel furniture, electric panels, home appliances and cars can be applied. (b) . Excellent corrosion resistance Powder paint is recognized as its excellent corrosion resistance and is applied for severe environment such as road guardrails, water supply materials, building materials, outside light poles. (c) .Repaint cost reduction Powder coating (powder coating) has high quality, coating strength and excellent rust prevention ability, so it is less repainted and running cost can be reduced. Learn More





Phosphating is surface modification of substrate materials before coating with others process. There are many application of Phosphating such as anti – corrosion, based for organic coating, anti-sizer for cold forming and wear resistance Learn More






Lubricant is wildly applied to reduce friction and lubricate between the parts and machine during industrial process in liquid or semi-aqueous types. The dust trapped in liquid lubricant can cause short circuit in electronic devices Learn More





Delta MKS


Delta MKS is Zinc Flake system of cathodic protection without Chromium(VI) providing the micro coating thickness with high-performance corrosion protection. Zinc Flake coating can pass Salt Spray Learn More





Heat Treatment

GAS Heat treatment (Coming Soon)


Heat treating process under various gas atmosphere and temperature mainly to improve hardness, wear resistance and fatigue or tensile strength properties of industrial parts in order to prolong their lifespan and improve their properties to suit Learn More





Isonite-(Coming Soon)


ISONITE salt bath nitriding that Nitrogen and Carbon will diffuse and form compound layer that can raise wear resistance and surface hardness without changing Learn More