Nihon Parkerizing Analysis Center


Analysis Center

As the technology leader in surface and heat treatment industries, Nihon Parkerizing India Pvt. Ltd. has consecutively developed quality of our chemical product and treatment service to meet all customers’ requirement for many years. Nihon Analysis Center has been established since ???? as analysis and testing laboratories of Nihon Parkerizing India Pvt. Ltd. to support internal production and local customer. After that, in ????,Nihon Analysis Center has been promoted and expanded the scope of service to the related companies of Nihon Parkerizing group in Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan. However, in ????, Nihon Analysis Center has been assigned as an advanced research and development center creating high performance products and new process of surface and heat treatment technologies.

Nihon Parkerinzing India Pvt. Ltd. is separated into 2 main functions.

1 Production Technology Center and Research & Development Center
Aiming to strengthen the best quality of our high performance chemical products and surface modification process with the recognition about resource and environmental reservation, Nihon Parkerizing India. Pvt. Ltd keeps focusing on research and development of new technologies concerned with prolonging the service life of products, enhancement of material properties, energy conservation and waste reduction from surface modification and treatment process.

2 Analysis Center
With high performance of modern chemical and material analysis instruments through the specialist team, Analysis Center provide high accurate of analysis data to carry out a countermeasure for any technical supports in Chemical, Metallurgical and Environmental fields.